3 Ideas For Surprising Your Wife With A New Engagement Ring

If you got married young or during a point in your life where you didn't have a lot of extra money, it's likely that you proposed with an affordable ring that may not have been what you would have preferred to give if you had the money. While your partner may love their current ring, an upcoming anniversary, birthday, or special occasion can be a good opportunity to surprise your partner with a new ring. Before rushing off to a jewelry store, consider some of the following tips first.

Take a Hint from Your Wife's Other Jewelry

A good place to get started when you want to surprise your partner with the perfect new engagement ring is getting inspiration from other pieces of jewelry in their collection. It's likely that your partner's taste in jewelry has changed over the years, so it's a good idea to focus on the elements that have remained the same over the years. The reason for this is due to these common qualities likely being their favorite for jewelry.

Make Sure the New Ring Will Couple Well with Wedding Band

Since you will likely want your partner to wear their new engagement ring with their wedding band, it's a good idea to make sure to keep a similar look between the two. This can be done easily by taking a close look at the band and remembering which features stand out most—such as a silver band, the width, and even if any diamonds or gems are used. By coupling the new engagement ring with the current wedding band, the ring will look beautiful and your partner can continue enjoying their current wedding band.

Double the Gift with a Memorable Trip

An easy way to spruce up the gift of a new engagement ring is including a memorable trip with it. While this may take some time to save up money for, your partner will be so surprised with the trip and will love their new ring even more. The association between the trip and the ring will help to make the ring one of their favorite gifts.

As you look into buying a new engagement ring for your partner, you need to keep in mind exactly what your partner likes in jewelry and how you can complement the existing wedding band. Since you will be replacing a ring that your partner likely treasures, you need to keep in mind what qualities are the most important to them and what they will enjoy in the years to come. For more information, contact companies, like Gold for Cash, that specialize in jewelry.

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