Inherit A High Dollar Jewelry Collection? What To Know Before You Sell

If you have inherited a very valuable jewelry collection but none of the pieces appeal to you, there are some things you'll want to consider. You want to make sure that you know what value each piece has before you let anyone make you an offer or buy the pieces, and you want to make sure that you find the right buyer. Here are a few of the things you want to do before you actually sell any of the jewelry.

Get Each Item Appraised and Insured

Have a professional appraiser appraise each piece of jewelry, and provide a breakdown down of the value of the pieces. The type of metal, stones and gems used in the pieces will determine what the pieces are valued at. Once they are appraised and you know that they are worth, alert your home or renter's insurance provider about the value of the items you now have in your living space. A safety deposit box at a local bank may be a good idea as well.

List Privately in a Local Store

If there is a high end jewelry store in your area that is locally owned, and not a franchise, you may be able to sell the pieces at the store. The store will take a commission on the items, but there is little risk for them if they aren't buying the pieces from you to sell. This may be a fast and easy way to get money for the pieces, without having to do a lot of the work.

Sell at High End Auction

There are high end jewelry auctions where you can list the pieces, and all of the potential buyers that have the money to buy your items can compete and bid. This is an easy way to reach a variety of buyers at one time, and it allows people to increase the sale price of the items as they outbid each other.

Before you accept any offer from someone at the auction make sure that they are preapproved to bid at that amount, so you don't end up awarding the pieces to someone that doesn't have the funds to pay for all the items. The fluctuating cost of gems, stones and precious metals can change constantly, and you may want to wait until the value of each piece is at its highest to sell the different jewelry pieces individually. For more information, contact auction entities like Fortuna Auction.

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