4 Creative Alternatives To Traditional Engagement Rings

Picking out the perfect engagement ring is a little intimidating. After all, your fiancee will most likely wear her engagement ring every day for a very long time, so you want to pick something you know she will adore and be excited to show off. If your bride-to-be isn't into the standard diamond solitaire engagement ring, why not find an alternative that will complement her unique style? Here are four alternatives to traditional diamond engagement rings to consider:

Her Birthstone as Center Stone

A meaningful alternative to a diamond is her birthstone, especially if you already know she loves it. Birthstones like rubies, sapphires, and emeralds all make striking center stones in an engagement ring. If you still wish to incorporate diamonds, you can opt for a gemstone in the center encircled by small accent diamonds. If you're not sure which birthstone goes with her birth month, you can look it up online.

A Claddagh Ring

A traditional Irish Claddagh ring includes two hands, a heart, and a crown, and symbolizes love, loyalty, and friendship. Claddagh rings can make very charming engagement and even wedding rings. They are an especially appropriate choice if your girlfriend has Irish heritage or just loves Irish culture and tradition.

Raw Diamond Ring

Raw diamonds are starting to make waves in the jewelry world, for their unpolished and unique beauty. Every raw diamond is completely unique, making this a great option for the bride-to-be who has unconventional taste but still loves diamonds. And because raw diamonds don't require nearly as much processing or work, they are often a much better bargain than more traditional cut and polished diamonds.

Refashioned Heirloom

If you or your girlfriend have inherited a ring or other piece of jewelry as a family heirloom, you may want to have it redesigned by a jeweler to be the perfect engagement ring for your love. A qualified jeweler can do anything from simply re-sizing and cleaning an antique engagement ring you've inherited, to using gemstones from an heirloom to design a completely new ring, as well as anything in between.

Refashioning a family heirloom into a new or updated engagement ring is a great way to honor family and tradition while also creating a ring your girlfriend will really love.

By choosing a unique engagement ring that suits your beloved's style and taste, you will be getting your engagement off to a great start. To find out more, speak with a business like Best Brilliance.

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