How To Have Your Own Engagement And Wedding Ring Designs Made Into Custom Jewelry

Do you have designs for an engagement ring and a wedding ring that you would like to have made especially for you? Many jewelers can take your design ideas and make your engagement and wedding rings in the metals and gemstones of your choice. Here is the procedure to have your own ring designs made into unique, custom engagement and wedding rings

  • Select a Jewelry Store - Choose a jewelry store that displays and sells the type of jewelry that you like. Look at rings, but also look at pendants, earrings, bracelets, and necklaces. Whether your engagement and wedding ring designs are classic designs or contemporary one-of-a-kind designs, choose a jewelry store that makes that type of jewelry and call them for an appointment for a custom design consultation. 
  • Bring Your Design Ideas To a Jewelry Store - Bring drawings of your engagement and wedding ring designs to the jewelry store of your choice to discuss your design ideas with the design staff. Your drawings do not have to be finished drawings but can be informal sketches that communicate all the aspects and details of your ring designs. Good jewelers have the expertise and experience to take your designs and refine and alter them into very strong, wearable, and beautiful finished jewelry. 
  • Choose Your Metal - Your engagement and wedding ring designs can be made of different precious metals such as platinum, titanium, palladium, gold, or silver or any combination of these metals. Gold is available in the different karats weights of 10k, 14k, 18k, and 24k gold. Gold is also available in the different gold colors of white, yellow, rose, blue, black, and green. These different gold colors are created when other metals such as silver, zinc, copper, and palladium are alloyed into gold. Select a gold karat weight and gold color that fits your engagement and wedding ring designs and budget. If you have your own metal, such as a ring that you inherited from your family, bring it with you to be tested for purity and incorporated into your design. If you do not have your own metal, your jewelry designer can obtain whatever metal that you desire to make your rings. 
  • Choose a Gemstone - If you have gemstones that you would like to include in your engagement and wedding ring designs, bring them with you to be evaluated by the jewelry design staff and incorporated into your custom ring designs. If you do not have your own gemstones but would like to have one or more of them incorporated into your engagement and wedding rings, the jewelry store can obtain these stones for you. Diamonds, rubies, sapphires, and emeralds are considered precious gemstones and are the usual choices for engagement and wedding ring designs. Many semi-precious stones can also be incorporated into attractive engagement and wedding rings such as tanzanite, opal, jade, labradorite, amber, turquoise, amethyst, and other gemstones.
  • Decide on A Final Design - After consulting with your chosen jeweler on the plausibility of your designs and your metal and gemstone choices, your jeweler will create their own ring design drawings. They will review these drawings with you and discuss all aspects of your custom ring designs. Good jewelers will use their expertise to refine your ring drawings into ring designs that will be beautiful and strong enough to last for many years. 

Designing your own engagement and wedding rings can truly be an exciting endeavor. In consultation with a good jeweler, you can have engagement and wedding rings that absolutely no one else will have because you designed them yourself. Good jewelry designs are timeless and with the aid of a talented jeweler, you can have custom engagement and wedding rings that truly reflect your personality and creativity. You can proudly wear these rings for many years and then pass them down to your children and grandchildren.   

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