Rare Stones You Can Find By The Handful If You Know The Right Places To Look

There are many rare stones that may be more plentiful than you think. Some of these gems include garnets, which can be found in some river valleys, or fire agates, that you can hunt for in the desert. There are also other semi-precious stones that can be found in rivers and streams across North America. Here are some of the rare stones that you can find by the handful if you look in the right places:

A Certain Southern River Of Painted Rocks Where Garnets Are Abundant

Garnets are a semi-precious stone that can be found in many areas. They are even used in some industries as an affordable alternative to diamonds. Garnets are a bright red color when polished but can look a tarnished reddish-black when you find them in their natural environment. This coloration may be why the natives named a southern river after the vibrant colors of the rocks, calling it the river of painted rocks.

The Fiery Desert Landscapes That Can Be Hiding Valuable Stones In The Hottest Spots

In the heart of the desert landscaping, you can find all sorts of treasures, which can include gems, gold, and silver. There is one special desert stone that can be found in the Western deserts that has a fiery glow to it. These are various types of agate quartz with rare colors and forms, and some of these stones can be more common than others.

Special Quartz Variety Stones That Can Be Found In Almost All Corners Of The Globe

The agate stones are not the only quartz varieties that you can find around all corners of the globe. There are also more common types of quartz, such as amethyst, citrine, and jasper. If you want to find a variety of quartz crystals, look for these stones in different areas that are known for different varieties, such as rose quartz and citrine that can be found throughout the Appalachian Mountains.

Precious Stones That Can Be Waiting For You In A Field, In A Stream, Or In A Lucky Bucket

While quartz varieties can be valuable, they are usually semi-precious stones. There are also precious stones that can be found in different geological formations. In some places, you may be able to find rubies, emeralds, and other rare crystals. If you are not sure where to look, visit a mining site that sells buckets of earth to pan for stones and precious metals like gold.

The people that spend time hunting these valuable stones hold on to their secrets very closely, but you can still enjoy adding these stones to your collection. You can contact a dealer like Studio Rock Shop for unique stones like fire agate for sale.

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