What To Look For In A Luxury Watch

It has been said that every man or woman needs at least one luxury watch to wear on special occasions. A nice watch is the perfect finishing touch to a business casual outfit, and it can also look classy with dressier apparel. Buying your first luxury watch, however, can be a little intimidating. What should you look for? What features make a watch worth the price? Here's a look.

1. Quality Gemstones

If you plan on buying a watch with a gemstone, such as a diamond, you need to make sure the gemstone is of high quality. Nothing ruins a nice watch faster than a gemstone that looks dull or discolored. A quality diamond, whether it is lab-made or mined, should sparkle and grab your attention from feet away. If it looks lackluster, then you're better off buying a watch without a gemstone. A one-carat stone is large enough to embellish a watch nicely, although you can certainly go with something larger if you can afford to do so.

2. Mechanical Operation

Cheaper watches are usually run on quartz mechanisms. These are inexpensive and accurate, but they do not last all that long. Luxury watches really should feature a mechanical operation system, which runs on a system of springs and tiny gears. These mechanisms require skilled craftsmanship to make, but they work for centuries as long as you care for the watch. A mechanical operating system will make the watch something you can pass down from generation to generation.

3. Metal Composition

You may see watches being sold with nylon inlays, hints of snakeskin, and other materials. The problem with these watches is that, although they look nice when they are new, these materials will soon start deteriorating and showing signs of wear. For a luxury watch that will really last, you want to stick with metal. Gold and sterling silver are classic choices, of course, but titanium watches are a modern alternative and are very durable.

4. Adjustability

There are a few different ways watches can fasten. Some nicer watches can be adjusted by the jeweler so that they only close in a manner that fits your wrist. This works, but just make sure the jeweler can re-adjust the watch in the future if your wrist changes size. You don't want to have to buy a new watch if you gain or lose 10 pounds! A watch that is adjustable from day to day also works; just make sure the fastener is secure.

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