How To Take Care Of Your Designer Jewelry Pieces

Having designer pieces of jewelry in your closet can really update your whole wardrobe and make it look more chic. For instance, if you pair some classy earrings with white jeans and a t-shirt, you can almost instantly elevate your look. Whether you have a nice watch or some vintage designer pieces in your jewelry box, taking good care of them is a must. Because designer pieces are valuable, you want to do everything you can to make sure that they last so that you can either pass them onto your loved ones or sell them later on. 

Keep Jewelry In A Jewelry Bag

The last thing you want to do is store your jewelry in plastic bags, but you may want to store them in the soft bags that they come in. Plastic can sometimes trap moisture in it, which can lead to rust or other issues. However, when you store your jewelry in a soft jewelry bag, it can help keep the pieces safe and scratch-free. 

Polish Jewelry Regularly

Both gold and sterling silver can tarnish over time. To help keep them shiny and looking like new, try to clean them regularly. If you have jewelry cleaner on you, just make sure it can be used on the type of metal jewelry that you have. For instance, some types of jewelry may not be solid gold, so you will want to be careful with what you polish those pieces with.

If you have silver jewelry but you don't have jewelry cleaner on hand, just mix a solution of 1/2 cup white vinegar and 2 tablespoons of baking soda and soak your silver in it for a few hours. Then rinse the pieces in some cold water to get the baking soda off. Make sure you dry them well afterward.

Store Necklaces Separately

If you are a big jewelry-wearer, then you have likely spent some time untangling necklaces in the past. Although you can store your costume jewelry in the same space, don't store your designer necklaces together because if they tangle, the chains could break or the metal could get damaged. Instead, consider getting a hanging necklace stand so they can dangle. 

Take Jewelry to a Jeweler If Anything Is Loose

As soon as a diamond or hinge is loose on your designer jewelry piece, make sure to take it into a licensed jewelry store. Depending on the problem, the jeweler may be able to either fix it on the spot or they may have to send it out to a specialist. 

To learn more, contact a designer jewelry store.

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