Choosing A Metal For Your Diamond Wedding Ring

If you're in the market for a diamond wedding ring, then carefully consider the type of metal in your band. Diamond wedding rings are available in a variety of different types of metal. Each metal offers a different appearance and durability level. Plus, certain diamonds look better in some metals than others. Here is more about common types of wedding ring metals and their pros and cons.


Platinum is a popular metal choice that is very durable and ages well. This metal needs very little maintenance and often develops an attractive patina. Also, platinum rings are often very pure and hypoallergenic. Platinum enhances the look of a well-cut, clear diamond. However, it may not look as good with colored diamonds or gemstones.


Gold is a classic choice and is available in three different color tones: white, rose, and yellow. Here is more information about each type.

White Gold

White gold is a durable alloy that has many of the same benefits of platinum. However, many white gold rings are often coated with rhodium which often needs more maintenance. Also, some white gold rings also contain nickel which could cause an allergic reaction.

Yellow Gold

Yellow gold presents a warm glow that enhances your diamond's appearance. Yellow gold also works well with diamonds with a yellow tone or hue. One of yellow gold's problems is higher karat gold is soft and can wear or get thin.

Rose Gold

Rose gold is beautiful and complements many clothing styles. They look great with diamonds but work better when you accompany that diamond with a red stone like a ruby. Rose gold may contain copper which could irritate the skin.


Sterling silver is very durable and has a nice, shiny appearance that works well with completely colorless diamonds. It also looks good with solid-colored gems like rubies and sapphires. Since this metal is very malleable, it can be crafted into a variety of designs and styles. However, silver tarnishes, so be sure to polish your silver ring for the best results. Silver can also scratch easily. Sterling silver may also contain traces of copper.

When choosing a diamond wedding ring metal, consider how it will match your current jewelry collection and clothing style. Also, think about the things you will do when you wear your ring. You may want something more scratch-resistant if you are highly active and do a lot with your hands. Also, some types of metal may need more maintenance than others. If you have any questions about diamond wedding rings, as well as wedding band materials, contact a diamond ring jeweler for more guidance.  

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