Times To Consider A Multi-Birthstone Ring

When you picture a birthstone ring, you probably picture a ring with a single stone inside it. Many people enjoy wearing this type of jewelry to celebrate the month of their birth. Often, people will receive birthstone rings as birthday gifts. There are other birthstone rings, however, that don't solely feature one stone. Instead, these rings can have multiple stones that reflect different birth months. While this idea might initially seem a little confusing, it's important to know that there are several scenarios in which you may enjoy wearing a multi-birthstone ring. Here are some examples.

Members Of Your Family

One good idea is to look for a multi-birthstone ring that features the birthstones for each of your immediate family members. Jewelry stores that carry a wide range of these rings will almost certainly have a combination that relates to your family; otherwise, you can likely order the ring from the store. A ring that has three, four, or five different birthstones will add a splash of color to your finger. More importantly, it will pay tribute to the births of the people who are most important to your life.

Embracing A Religion

You may wish to wear a multi-birthstone ring to represent your embracing of a religion. People who wholeheartedly commit to a religion at a certain point in their lives often refer to themselves as being "born again", and you might like the idea of representing this feeling of rebirth with a birthstone. In this scenario, it may be appropriate to wear a multi-birthstone ring that features two stones. One would relate to the month of your actual birth, while the other would represent the month in which your religious awakening occurred. Someone who sees this ring on your finger may remark on its stylish design, but you'll know that it represents something pivotal to your life.

Deceased Child

If you had a child who passed away, perhaps even as a result of a miscarriage, you may look for a way to pay tribute to this child's memory. A subtle and impactful way is with a multi-birthstone ring. You could choose a ring that features your birthstone and the child's birthstone. This might be the birthstone of when the child was born, or simply represent their expected birth month if they died as a result of a miscarriage. There's little doubt that you'd think about this child regularly, and having this piece of jewelry can be a constant reminder of your love for them.

Visit a jewelry store to learn more about multi-birthstone rings.

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