Got Some Scrap Gold You Don't Want? 3 Tips On Selling It To A Gold Buyer

If you have some scrap gold that you do not want, selling it is a great way to make good money. Below are three tips on selling your gold to a gold buyer so everything will go smoothly for you. 

Make Sure You Have Real Gold

Unless you are 100% sure the gold you have is real, you need to check it. There is pure gold that will sell at a much higher price. There is also gold that has other materials mixed in with it. There may be markings on the gold you have which determines the carat. For example, your gold may be 24 karats or as low as 8 or 9 karats. The higher the karat the purer the gold. 

Pure gold will not stick to a magnet so this is a great way to check. If the gold does stick, this means the gold has alloys. Gold with alloys is still worth some money but not near as much as pure gold. Gold will also not float in water and will never rust. Put your gold in some water to see if it floats. If you have a gold ring that you have worn and it turned your skin green, this is not real gold. 

If you are still not sure, take the gold to a few gold buyers and they can tell you if you have real gold or not. 

Check the Gold Prices

You should know the gold prices before you sell your scrap gold to ensure you are paid what it is worth. You can find a lot of information online about this. Find a few websites and watch the prices of gold to see if it goes up or down and then sell when the price goes up. If you really need cash today, however, go ahead and sell your gold to a gold buyer. Gold buyers can give you the prices of gold also to help you. Talk with more than one and ask them where they are getting their information from. 

Find a Gold Buyer

Once you determine that you have real scrap gold find a reputable gold buyer. You likely have buyers in your area that you can sell your gold to. You may find them that have establishments of their own or they may work in a jewelry store.

There are also reputable gold buyers that you can find online. Do your research on the buyer before you sell to them. You can find reviews online or you may have friends that have sold there before. These buyers will have you ship the gold to them. They will then appraise it and give you an offer. If you accept you will be paid. If you do not accept, they will send the gold back to you. 

Gold buyers can give you more information to help you sell your gold for the best price.

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