The Minimalist's Guide To Wedding Rings

While many people think that wedding rings tend to be gaudy and large, the truth is that wedding rings come in all sizes. If you are a minimalist who has been looking for the perfect ring, you don't need to give up. In fact, there are plenty of wedding ring options that come in minimalist-friendly styles. Here's what you should look for.

Choose an Elegant But Simple Band

First, consider the metal. If you want something that is simple and elegant, look for a ring made of platinum or white gold. These metals have a timeless appeal and they will never go out of style. You might also consider a rose gold, which can feel warm and classic if you are looking for something classic and small but still beautiful.

Choose a Solitaire Stone

If you want a minimalist ring with a little bit of sparkle, look for a solitaire stone. This is a single stone that is set in the center of the ring. This is a very classic style that can be beautiful and timeless. Keep in mind that your solitaire stone does not have to be a diamond. It can be any stone you'd like.

Choose a Ring With Fewer Stones

If you want a ring with some sparkle but you don't want a lot of stones, look for a ring that has fewer stones. You might consider a ring with just two stones or even a single stone. This can be a beautiful and elegant way to have a little bit of sparkle without feeling over the top.

A Little Detail Goes a Long Way

Just because you want a minimalist ring doesn't mean that your ring has to be completely devoid of detail. In fact, a little bit of detail can actually add a lot to a ring. You might consider a ring with a unique setting or a ring with an interesting band.

You can get a minimalist ring engraved on the inside of the band if you'd like to add a personal touch that is just for you. This helps make your ring more personal.

Visit a Wedding Ring Shop to Learn More

If you are interested in learning more about minimalist wedding rings, visit a wedding ring shop. A professional can help you find the perfect ring for your style and your budget. They can also help you find a ring that will complement your engagement ring, if you already have one.

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