Three Custom Locket Designs To Order

Many people wear lockets on necklaces as a way to keep a small picture of a loved one with them throughout the day. If you've shopped for a locket, you've likely seen several examples of this jewelry in standard shapes—for example, hearts, books, and more. While one of these shapes may appeal to you, it's also possible that you don't find anything that resonates with you. This can be a good time to visit a jewelry shop in your area that specializes in custom jewelry. You can describe exactly what you want your one-of-a-kind locket to look like, and the jeweler can make it for you. Here are some designs to think about. 


While a lot of people put a photo of a spouse or child in their locket, others choose a photo of a special pet. If you have the latter mindset, you might like the idea of having your locket shaped like the pet you're honoring. A custom jeweler can build a locket that has a basic pet-related shape. For example, if you plan to use a photo of your cat, the locket can have a rounded shape with two points on top to represent ears, giving it the appearance of a cat's face.


A lot of people enjoy wearing flower jewelry, including earrings and bracelets that depict flower shapes. If you have this mindset, you might like the idea of your locket being shaped like a flower. If you can't find an appropriate locket in a store, this is a good time to consider ordering a custom piece. Think about what flower you love the most, whether it's a rose, a tulip, a sunflower, or another species, and then provide your jeweler with a photo that they can use as a reference to create the locket with this shape.


Another option to think about for your custom locket is having this piece of jewelry feature a letter shape. While letter-shaped pendants are common, you may have trouble finding a letter-shaped locket that suits your style. Certain letters can work well in a locket design. For example, if you have a family member whose name begins with the letter B, your jeweler can make a locket that has this shape and you can place a small photo of the person inside of it.

Discuss these and other custom jewelry ideas with a local custom jeweler.

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