Why Jewelry Store Displays Are The Way They Are

Seeing jewelry in a store or at a jeweler's workshop is always amazing. Glittery gold and sparkly stones shine from every corner, it seems. But these displays start to look similar as you visit more stores. There's a reason for that: The way jewelry displays are set up is meant to showcase the workmanship and give you a chance to learn what went into making the jewelry.

Why Jewelry Seems So Sparkly There

Jewelers place LED light strips inside their display cases to make the jewelry extra sparkly. They do that both to make the jewelry look pretty, of course, and to show just how good the sparkle is. That's a sign of excellent faceting and wonderful clarity, both prized in finished stones. It makes no sense to show diamonds and other precious stones without showing how much glitter and glow the stone can have. So, those LED lights are not there only to tempt you; they're there to show the workmanship that went into faceting the stone along with the quality of the stone itself.

What No Price Tag Means

It's common to walk into a store and find no prices displayed. This isn't the case for every jewelry store, of course, and jewelry counters inside other stores usually have the price visible. And all stores will have prices available somewhere. But not displaying the price is the rule at many, for two specific reasons. NPR interviewed consultants and jewelers and found that when customers see an expensive price tag, they're automatically turned off. That one little tag is a major obstacle to a sale. And jewelers understand this; no one wants to simply toss several thousand dollars into the store's register.

That's one reason, and it leads to the second reason: Not displaying the price means the jeweler and customer can have a conversation about the jewelry, which may help make the price a little more palatable. If you understand the work that goes into creating the piece and faceting the gems involved, the more expensive price makes sense, and buying the piece may seem less questionable.

Interestingly, a number of jewelers (mainly independent ones) will haggle over the price if you're up for trying. So if the piece is still a little bit out of your budget, you might be able to get the jeweler to bring the price down to something you're willing to pay. If the jeweler says they don't bargain, though, respect that, and continue looking through their selection.

Jewelers want you to be happy with their products. The way they set up their displays ensures you see the jewelry in all its glory and that you have a chance to find out more about each piece than just the price. Many jewelers also make custom items, and if you don't see something you like or something that you can afford, you can ask if making a custom piece would be a possibility.

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