Rare Stones You Can Find By The Handful If You Know The Right Places To Look

There are many rare stones that may be more plentiful than you think. Some of these gems include garnets, which can be found in some river valleys, or fire agates, that you can hunt for in the desert. There are also other semi-precious stones that can be found in rivers and streams across North America. Here are some of the rare stones that you can find by the handful if you look in the right places:

A Certain Southern River Of Painted Rocks Where Garnets Are Abundant

Garnets are a semi-precious stone that can be found in many areas. They are even used in some industries as an affordable alternative to diamonds. Garnets are a bright red color when polished but can look a tarnished reddish-black when you find them in their natural environment. This coloration may be why the natives named a southern river after the vibrant colors of the rocks, calling it the river of painted rocks.

The Fiery Desert Landscapes That Can Be Hiding Valuable Stones In The Hottest Spots

In the heart of the desert landscaping, you can find all sorts of treasures, which can include gems, gold, and silver. There is one special desert stone that can be found in the Western deserts that has a fiery glow to it. These are various types of agate quartz with rare colors and forms, and some of these stones can be more common than others.

Special Quartz Variety Stones That Can Be Found In Almost All Corners Of The Globe

The agate stones are not the only quartz varieties that you can find around all corners of the globe. There are also more common types of quartz, such as amethyst, citrine, and jasper. If you want to find a variety of quartz crystals, look for these stones in different areas that are known for different varieties, such as rose quartz and citrine that can be found throughout the Appalachian Mountains.

Precious Stones That Can Be Waiting For You In A Field, In A Stream, Or In A Lucky Bucket

While quartz varieties can be valuable, they are usually semi-precious stones. There are also precious stones that can be found in different geological formations. In some places, you may be able to find rubies, emeralds, and other rare crystals. If you are not sure where to look, visit a mining site that sells buckets of earth to pan for stones and precious metals like gold.

The people that spend time hunting these valuable stones hold on to their secrets very closely, but you can still enjoy adding these stones to your collection. You can contact a dealer like Studio Rock Shop for unique stones like fire agate for sale.

5 Tips For Storing Fine Jewelry

Fine jewelry is fun to wear and can be a great investment, but if it is not stored properly it can easily become damaged. If you want to continue to wear your favorite pieces of jewelry for many years to come, it is important to care for it and store it in the right way. Use the following tips for storing your fine jewelry:

Have a Dedicated Area for Jewelry Storage

When you have fine jewelry it is essential to have a place to store it– the last thing you want is to leave jewelry sitting on top of your dresser or on the bathroom counter where it can become lost or damaged. Choose a quality jewelry box or a jewelry chest with a variety of drawers that can be used to store different types of jewelry. You can also use drawer inserts by Lovely Jewelry Organizers to help organize your jewelry.

Keep Your Jewelry Clean

After wearing a piece of fine jewelry, it is important to clean it before you put it away. Use a soft cloth to wipe off each piece of jewelry after you wear it in order to remove dirt, sweat, and skin oils. Doing this can help your jewelry last longer, while also making it look nicer when you wear it.

Do Not Store All Your Jewelry Together

Organization is key when it comes to storing jewelry. Avoid placing necklaces, bracelets, rings, and earrings all in the same compartment when you are not wearing them, Doing so can cause your jewelry to become tangled or scratched. It is a much better idea to invest in a few jewelry drawer organizers that will allow you to have a compartment for each type of jewelry that you own.

Keep Jewelry Away from Heat

Being exposed to heat can damage jewelry over time, and some gemstones and precious metals can even become discolored if they are not kept at room temperature. Make sure that your jewelry box or jewelry chest is not in an area of your bedroom that is constantly exposed to sun, as this can raise the internal temperature inside and may harm your jewelry. 

Invest in Anti-Tarnish Strips

If you have a lot of jewelry to store, it is in your best interest to invest in some anti-tarnish strips to place in your jewelry box or jewelry chest. Anti-tarnish strips are special pieces of paper that are very absorbent and can help keep jewelry from becoming tarnished and discolored while it is being stored. 

Three Things To Know About Jewelry Loans

When an emergency arises and you need to get money quickly, consider getting a jewelry loan. A jewelry loan is not overly difficult to get because you do not have to provide receipts, proof of ownership, or even have good credit to get the loan. The guide below walks you through a few things you need to know about getting a jewelry loan.

Outdated and Broken Jewelry Can Be Used to Get a Loan

Many people think that the lender will only give them a loan on jewelry that is very valuable or in pristine condition. That is not the case at all though. It is possible to get a loan based off of the value of the gold, silver, or platinum that the jewelry is made of. The lender would determine how much gold, silver, or platinum they would get if they melted down the jewelry to make something else and base the loan off of that value. The jewelry will not be melted down unless you do not pay your payments on the loan on time.

Do Not Waste Your Time Cleaning the Jewelry

If you need money in a hurry, do not waste time trying to clean the jewelry. The lender will have the equipment needed to clean the jewelry thoroughly, if he or she feels that it needs to be done. There is no need for the jewelry to be cleaned when you take it to the lender because he or she will only be storing the jewelry until you repay the loan. If you default on the loan, the jewelry can then be cleaned and sold.

Payment Plans Can Be Arranged

Many people make the mistake of thinking that they have to repay the loan in full right away. That is not the case, though. Many lenders will give you an extended period of time to repay the loan, but require you to make regular payments toward the loan amount. When you sign the lending agreement, you will learn the specific amounts that are due and the dates that they must be made by so that you never have to worry about defaulting on the loan.

The lenders will give you the loan based off of the value of the jewelry, not off of what they can sell it for or for what you paid for it. It is important to understand that your loan will be for significantly less than you paid for the jewelry when you bought it brand new.


You want to get the perfect piece of jewelry for the loved one in your life. However, you may not know what stone is their favorite. Default by going for their birthstone! Use this guide to learn what your loved one’s birthstone is and some information on the stone. 

January- garnet

While most people normally attribute red to garnet, garnet can come in every color except blue. This is also the stone associated with friendship. 

February- amethyst

This is the color of the Pope’s ring, which is suiting because the light purple color is the color of royalty. 

March- aquamarine

Aquamarine translates to “water of the sea” in Latin. It’s easy to see why it got this name with its stunning light blue coloring. Many people associate aquamarine with tranquility (and peaceful water at sea). Bloodstone is another possible birthstone for march.

April- diamond

Engagement rings generally have diamonds because diamonds are the stone of love. It’s hardness can also be associated with courage. 

May- emerald

Emeralds are known for their stunning green coloring. It is said that Cleopatra was especially fond of emeralds. It’s green color has made people associate it with growth. 

June- pearl 

Pearls have a very classic and elegant feel to them. Rather than being mined, these stones are found in clams. Pearls are often associated with modesty and chastity. 

July- ruby

Rubies are a medium to medium-dark red, vivid red, or red with a hint of purple. Red is the color of passion! Rubies were particularly popular by people who follow Hindu as the “king of gems”. The ruby is one of the hardest gems on the list (after diamonds), so it is especially strong and durable. 

August- peridot

Most popularly found in Hawaii and Arizona, peridot is typically a light green or olive green color. It can also be found in a brown color. These gems are known to protect people from depression and nightmares. 

September- sapphire

Sapphires are typically a gorgeous, deep blue, but they can also be found in other colors. This stone was traditionally thought to protect against evil. 

October- opal

Opal translates to “precious jewel”. Opals can seem to change colors in different environments. This stone symbolizes confidence. 

November- topaz

Topaz is usually a yellow color. The stone is associated with love and affection. 

December- turquoise

Turquoise is one of the oldest gems known. They are known to protect against evil forces. 


4 Mistakes To Avoid When Buying A Diamond Engagement Ring

When you have met the love of your life and want to propose, you can be in a rush to buy a diamond engagement ring. But it is not a good idea to be hasty with type of purchase– many diamond rings can be quite expensive, so you want to make sure that you get the right one. If you’re planning to propose to your beloved with a diamond engagement ring in the near future, avoid the following mistakes:

Not Setting a Budget

In a perfect world, you could purchase the biggest, most beautiful diamond ring in the jewelry store, but in reality you will have to work with budget constraints. Ideally, you should try to pay with cash, but if you plan to finance the cost of the ring or use a credit card, it is very important to know how much you can afford to pay each month until the ring is entirely paid off. Be realistic about how much you can afford– your future fiance would probably be happier about entering into marriage without a huge debt compared to having a more expensive ring.

Being Clueless About Buying a Diamond

Purchasing a diamond engagement ring can be complicated if you walk into a jewelry store knowing absolutely nothing about diamonds. Before you go ring shopping, take the time to do a little research so you’re prepared. Typically, the price of a diamond depends on the 4 C’s– cut, clarity, color, and carat weight. Once you understand these things, you will be in a better position to select a diamond that is beautiful as well as a good value.

Forgetting about the Wedding Band

When you’re shopping for the engagement ring, it is also a good idea to purchase the wedding band at the same time. Doing so will help ensure that the rings complement each other and fit together well when being worn. This is especially important if you have a custom diamond ring designed, as it can be difficult to find a wedding band to match in the future.

Not Knowing Her Ring Size

The last thing you want is to propose and then present a beautiful ring that is too small to slide on her finger or falls off because it is way too big. A good way to prevent this from ruining your proposal is by bringing one of her other rings with you when shopping for an engagement ring– the sales associate at the jewelry store can determine the size and help you select a ring that will fit your fiance-to-be properly. 

3 Tips That Can Help You Save Money On An Engagement Ring

One of the most frightening parts about anyone looking to propose to his or her significant other is the often terrifying price tag that many engagement rings have. However, there are a few methods that can help you save money on an engagement ring without having to resort to an undesirable or cheaply-constructed ring. Listed below are just a few tips that can help you save money when buying an engagement ring.

Buying Shy

A simple way to save some money on an engagement ring is to buy shy. Buying shy refers to the process of going down a fraction of a carat when picking out a diamond or other gemstone. The reason for doing this is that going down a fraction of a carat can greatly reduce the price of the ring without greatly reducing the quality of the gemstone.

For example, a one carat diamond will typically cost about 30 percent more than a 0.9 percent carat diamond. In addition to costing less, a difference as small as 0.1 percent of a carat will be almost impossible for anyone other than a trained jeweler to notice.

Consider Synthetic Gems

Another way to save quite a bit of money on an engagement ring is to consider synthetic gems. While there are many people that think that synthetic gems are somehow inferior to natural gems, synthetic gems are usually superior to natural ones. The reason for this is that while labs do use the same processes to create gems that nature uses, the creation process is more controlled and will result in fewer flaws in the finished product.

Since these gemstones are much easier to create than they are to mine, they tend to cost a fraction of the amount that you would spend on natural gemstones. In addition, purchasing synthetic gemstones is a good option if you are uncomfortable with the idea of potentially purchasing a ring with a gemstone that was mined by workers who deal with horrible working conditions or very low pay. 

Consider Other Gemstones

Finally, you can save quite a bit of money when buying an engagement ring if you decide to avoid a diamond completely and use a different gemstone. This is very useful if your significant other has a preference for another type of stone or if he or she simply does not care about diamonds. In that situation, you can purchase a sapphire or ruby engagement ring for much less than you would spend on a diamond ring.

For more information, contact Rinehart Brothers Jewelers or a similar company.

How To Have Your Own Engagement And Wedding Ring Designs Made Into Custom Jewelry

Do you have designs for an engagement ring and a wedding ring that you would like to have made especially for you? Many jewelers can take your design ideas and make your engagement and wedding rings in the metals and gemstones of your choice. Here is the procedure to have your own ring designs made into unique, custom engagement and wedding rings

  • Select a Jewelry Store – Choose a jewelry store that displays and sells the type of jewelry that you like. Look at rings, but also look at pendants, earrings, bracelets, and necklaces. Whether your engagement and wedding ring designs are classic designs or contemporary one-of-a-kind designs, choose a jewelry store that makes that type of jewelry and call them for an appointment for a custom design consultation. 
  • Bring Your Design Ideas To a Jewelry Store – Bring drawings of your engagement and wedding ring designs to the jewelry store of your choice to discuss your design ideas with the design staff. Your drawings do not have to be finished drawings but can be informal sketches that communicate all the aspects and details of your ring designs. Good jewelers have the expertise and experience to take your designs and refine and alter them into very strong, wearable, and beautiful finished jewelry. 
  • Choose Your Metal – Your engagement and wedding ring designs can be made of different precious metals such as platinum, titanium, palladium, gold, or silver or any combination of these metals. Gold is available in the different karats weights of 10k, 14k, 18k, and 24k gold. Gold is also available in the different gold colors of white, yellow, rose, blue, black, and green. These different gold colors are created when other metals such as silver, zinc, copper, and palladium are alloyed into gold. Select a gold karat weight and gold color that fits your engagement and wedding ring designs and budget. If you have your own metal, such as a ring that you inherited from your family, bring it with you to be tested for purity and incorporated into your design. If you do not have your own metal, your jewelry designer can obtain whatever metal that you desire to make your rings. 
  • Choose a Gemstone – If you have gemstones that you would like to include in your engagement and wedding ring designs, bring them with you to be evaluated by the jewelry design staff and incorporated into your custom ring designs. If you do not have your own gemstones but would like to have one or more of them incorporated into your engagement and wedding rings, the jewelry store can obtain these stones for you. Diamonds, rubies, sapphires, and emeralds are considered precious gemstones and are the usual choices for engagement and wedding ring designs. Many semi-precious stones can also be incorporated into attractive engagement and wedding rings such as tanzanite, opal, jade, labradorite, amber, turquoise, amethyst, and other gemstones.
  • Decide on A Final Design – After consulting with your chosen jeweler on the plausibility of your designs and your metal and gemstone choices, your jeweler will create their own ring design drawings. They will review these drawings with you and discuss all aspects of your custom ring designs. Good jewelers will use their expertise to refine your ring drawings into ring designs that will be beautiful and strong enough to last for many years. 

Designing your own engagement and wedding rings can truly be an exciting endeavor. In consultation with a good jeweler, you can have engagement and wedding rings that absolutely no one else will have because you designed them yourself. Good jewelry designs are timeless and with the aid of a talented jeweler, you can have custom engagement and wedding rings that truly reflect your personality and creativity. You can proudly wear these rings for many years and then pass them down to your children and grandchildren.   

4 Creative Alternatives To Traditional Engagement Rings

Picking out the perfect engagement ring is a little intimidating. After all, your fiancee will most likely wear her engagement ring every day for a very long time, so you want to pick something you know she will adore and be excited to show off. If your bride-to-be isn’t into the standard diamond solitaire engagement ring, why not find an alternative that will complement her unique style? Here are four alternatives to traditional diamond engagement rings to consider:

Her Birthstone as Center Stone

A meaningful alternative to a diamond is her birthstone, especially if you already know she loves it. Birthstones like rubies, sapphires, and emeralds all make striking center stones in an engagement ring. If you still wish to incorporate diamonds, you can opt for a gemstone in the center encircled by small accent diamonds. If you’re not sure which birthstone goes with her birth month, you can look it up online.

A Claddagh Ring

A traditional Irish Claddagh ring includes two hands, a heart, and a crown, and symbolizes love, loyalty, and friendship. Claddagh rings can make very charming engagement and even wedding rings. They are an especially appropriate choice if your girlfriend has Irish heritage or just loves Irish culture and tradition.

Raw Diamond Ring

Raw diamonds are starting to make waves in the jewelry world, for their unpolished and unique beauty. Every raw diamond is completely unique, making this a great option for the bride-to-be who has unconventional taste but still loves diamonds. And because raw diamonds don’t require nearly as much processing or work, they are often a much better bargain than more traditional cut and polished diamonds.

Refashioned Heirloom

If you or your girlfriend have inherited a ring or other piece of jewelry as a family heirloom, you may want to have it redesigned by a jeweler to be the perfect engagement ring for your love. A qualified jeweler can do anything from simply re-sizing and cleaning an antique engagement ring you’ve inherited, to using gemstones from an heirloom to design a completely new ring, as well as anything in between.

Refashioning a family heirloom into a new or updated engagement ring is a great way to honor family and tradition while also creating a ring your girlfriend will really love.

By choosing a unique engagement ring that suits your beloved’s style and taste, you will be getting your engagement off to a great start. To find out more, speak with a business like Best Brilliance.

In Charge Of The Bride’s Something New? She’ll Love These Unique Options

Something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue–these are all things a new bride needs for her big day if she wants to practice one of the most well-known wedding traditions used to bring good luck. If you’re in charge of providing her with something new, there is no shortage of options to choose from. The trick is to come up with something unique that wouldn’t be expected by the bride so she’ll remember the token for many years to come. Here are three ideas that should surprise the bride and make her day just a little more special:

Unity Jewelry

A piece of jewelry that celebrates the marriage is something the bride is sure to enjoy wearing on her big day. Get her a necklace, ring, or pair of earrings that incorporate both the bride and groom’s birthstones, or gift her with an anklet that features tiny tags that say “his” and “hers” on it. The idea is to find a piece of jewelry that encompasses an aspect of both the bride and the groom to commemorate their unity. If you can’t find what you’re looking for at brick and mortar stores in your community, you should find plenty of options to choose from through online outlets.

A Henna Tattoo

If the bride is one who tends to think outside the box and try new things, consider gifting her with a henna tattoo to utilize as her “something new” item. She can have a beautiful design with her initials as well as that of her groom’s tattooed on her back or thigh where it can be hidden under her wedding dress. The tattoo will last for between one and four weeks before fading, which will give her time to show it off after she’s married and to make the piece permanent if she likes it enough.

Multipurpose Undergarments

If you’d like to gift the bride with something fun, consider getting her a set of multipurpose garments that she can wear under her wedding dress and reception clothing, but that can also be used as lingerie once she gets back to the room with her new husband. Look for something with lace and small ruffles and can be altered in a small way to signify its purpose. For instance, when the garments may have removable bra straps and thigh-high attachments that can be altered quickly.

If you aren’t sure which of these ideas would best suit the bride, ask a few of her close friends and relatives for their insight into which one she’ll likely appreciate the most.  

For bridal jewelry online, contact a store such as Susan Hanover Designs.

Inherit A High Dollar Jewelry Collection? What To Know Before You Sell

If you have inherited a very valuable jewelry collection but none of the pieces appeal to you, there are some things you’ll want to consider. You want to make sure that you know what value each piece has before you let anyone make you an offer or buy the pieces, and you want to make sure that you find the right buyer. Here are a few of the things you want to do before you actually sell any of the jewelry.

Get Each Item Appraised and Insured

Have a professional appraiser appraise each piece of jewelry, and provide a breakdown down of the value of the pieces. The type of metal, stones and gems used in the pieces will determine what the pieces are valued at. Once they are appraised and you know that they are worth, alert your home or renter’s insurance provider about the value of the items you now have in your living space. A safety deposit box at a local bank may be a good idea as well.

List Privately in a Local Store

If there is a high end jewelry store in your area that is locally owned, and not a franchise, you may be able to sell the pieces at the store. The store will take a commission on the items, but there is little risk for them if they aren’t buying the pieces from you to sell. This may be a fast and easy way to get money for the pieces, without having to do a lot of the work.

Sell at High End Auction

There are high end jewelry auctions where you can list the pieces, and all of the potential buyers that have the money to buy your items can compete and bid. This is an easy way to reach a variety of buyers at one time, and it allows people to increase the sale price of the items as they outbid each other.

Before you accept any offer from someone at the auction make sure that they are preapproved to bid at that amount, so you don’t end up awarding the pieces to someone that doesn’t have the funds to pay for all the items. The fluctuating cost of gems, stones and precious metals can change constantly, and you may want to wait until the value of each piece is at its highest to sell the different jewelry pieces individually. For more information, contact auction entities like Fortuna Auction.